Maxi Malt®

Your all-in-one Daily Refreshing & Health Supporting Energy Drink

One can contains 100% RDA* of all 13 vitamins for a daily nutritional boost

Vitamins help you stay strong and healthy**.

Without them, your body can’t work properly.

You mainly get your vitamins through your diet.

But if you live life on the go or your diet isn’t perfect, it can be hard to get everything you need. Sometimes you need to get more, to fill the gaps.

Maxi Malt® is a new generation all-in-one-each-day vitamin fortified and refreshing non-alcoholic malt based energy drink.

Worldwide, many people are deficient in many vitamins.

Maxi Malt® contains all 13 vitamins, essential functional body nutritionals.

Maxi Malt® helps you to keep the right level of all 13 vitamins in your body.

So this helps you maintain your health strong and solid.

>>> all you need every day to fuel your body <<<

Convenient use : 1 can each day*

Available in 250ml slim cans (Halal)

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*RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance (*Dir. 2008/100/EC)

(EU Regulation n° 432/2012  16 May 2012)

©Energy Brands Company B.V.